He Was Devastated He Left His Favorite Doll At The Hotel. Wait Until You See What The Staff Does…

Any parent with small children understands that the loss of a comfort toy or blanket can be a devastating loss. It could mean days and nights filled with crying for both the toddler and the toddler’s parents.

Jane Molas and her entire family met up in Sheldon, Iowa for a family reunion. When Molas returned home, the family realized that Netza, Molas’ son, had left behind his precious Baby Tigee.

The hotel manager Brianna Kroontje, who is a mother also, found Baby Tigee but what she did before sending him back was amazing. Inside the box with Baby Tigee, she sent pictures of Tigee helping out around the hotel.

In one picture, Baby Tigee was eating pancakes. In another picture, he was helping behind the front desk with a little name tag pinned to his chest. Along with the pictures, there was a note explaining how much Baby Tigee had been helping out the staff.

Kroontje knew that if her son had received a package like that he would have been delighted. She hoped that it would put a smile on little Netza’s face after losing his beloved tiger.

Jane Molas is grateful to the staff for the return of Baby Tigee, but she loves the gesture itself because it’s a terrific lesson about kindness that she can talk about with her children.

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