He Takes 9-Year-Old Daughter To Lunch, Then Sees A Mysterious Note On Their Table

He Takes 9-Year-Old Daughter To Lunch, Then Sees A Mysterious Note On Their Table

A dad-and-daughter outing in Minnesota turned into a heartwarming moment that went viral on social media after a stranger observed the way the two interacted over breakfast.

It all began when father-of-two David Rosenman, a professor and physician, decided to take his 9-year-old daughter out to breakfast. The girl had her knitting and Rosenman had his newspaper, a phone, and a pen and paper when they arrived. They each planned to work on their respective projects just as they had done together many times before. However, everything changed when the little girl made a request of her dad.

She asked if instead of engaging in their individual activities, they could just spend time together. Her dad agreed, and the two of them spent breakfast together chatting with one another. They talked about everything from the day she was born to her knitting to speculating about what was happening with other customers around them.

When they were finished, Rosenman got up to order a snack that they would take home to his son, and on his return, he found a note face down on the table. His daughter said that a woman had brought it over and said it was for him.

Rosenman picked up the note and read it. It was from a teacher, and she said that many of the girls she taught were fatherless. Of the ones who did had fathers, she said that few had any who had even once spent the kind of time he did with his daughter on that single morning. She said this was a wonderful gift to all the teachers that would be educating his daughter throughout her childhood.

Rosenman posted the story along with a photo of the note on his Facebook page. He said that the lesson he had learned from it was that people should not wait for their loved ones to plead for attention before giving it to them. Many people would never ask, and he regretted that his child had to do so. He urged people to take that time with people they love and to leave similar notes for others.

His story accumulated more than 10,000 shares, and those shares continue to grow.

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