He Rolls His Eyes When She Decided To Sing Whitney Houston. Seconds Later? OMG!

On last week’s Britain’s Got Talent, a wide selection of contestants and talents were on display before the judges and audience members. The best performances of the night were by a 15-year-old contemporary dancer, a quartet featuring a father and his three sons, a five member male dance troupe of fathers and grandfathers and, lastly, a 12-year-old girl from South Wales named Maia Gough.

At first, Maia didn’t seem to be someone who had an amazing talent. Her costume, a princess dress and slippers with long hair flowing down her back and shoulders, made her look like Wendy from Peter Pan. When she spoke, she also had a semi-thick Welsh accent.

After about a minute of answering questions and laughing about the large number of family members in the audience who were with her, she explained that her biggest idol is Whitney Houston and that she was going to perform Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” At that point, the judges looked uncertain.

Yet, less than 10 seconds after the music started, Maia showed everyone present that they should never judge a book by its cover. She hit every note on time to the music without stopping and proved that she definitely has talent!

The judges and audience gave her a standing ovation.

Afterward, some of the judges admitted they had prejudged her based on her appearance and song choice. By the end, all four agreed though that she was wonderful and deserved another shot on the stage in the next round.

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