He Is Bitten By A Spider – After You See What Happens When He Pricks Himself You’ll Be TERRIFIED!

Here is an example of what can happen when you are bitten by a spider and it is left untreated. This man had taken a trip to Indiana and did not realize a spider had taken a little bite out of him. Several days later, his arm was visibly red and swollen from the infection. Even though it appeared to be incredibly painful, instead of going to the doctor, the man decided to take matters into his own hands and of course, record the results.

Armed with blue sterile gloves and what may, or may not, be a sterile needle, the man attempted to relieve the pressure from the overly swollen wound.

As he pricks holes near the bite with the needle, disgusting white puss begins to ooze out. It is clear that while the infection probably does need to be drained, the man is in some serious pain doing it.

He releases more of the liquid with another poke of the needle, this time a much larger amount streams down his forearm. It now resembles a thicker, more slightly green color.

Grabbing extra towels, the man now only has to apply slight pressure around the wound to freely drain the infection. While the green goop coming out of his arm looks like a significant amount, it is apparent that there is much more that will need to drain out before the man will find any relief.

Unfortunately, for the liquid to continue to drain out, the man must keep pushing against the wound which is clearly causing him some serious agony, as we hear in the profanity part of the clip.

It turns out there are numerous species of spiders that are found in Indiana, so it may be difficult to narrow down which spider took a liking to this man. However, it is advised that should you have a spider bite that becomes red, swollen or generally looks as unpleasant as this man’s did, it is probably a good idea to see a doctor. Trying to perform minor surgery alone may lead to a greater risk of the infection becoming more serious. You will probably want to get an antibiotic from your doctor as well.

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