He Gets Rid Of Yellow Teeth Stains By Mixing Up THIS Secret Ingredient. I Had NO Idea!

Keeping teeth white is something that many people put a priority on, whether it’s related to simple vanity, avoid the costly bills that come with trying to deal with discolored teeth or attempting to maintain proper dental hygiene. The chance to avoid such problems by using a simple technique was the basis of a video by Drew of FitLifeTV, where he shows the steps needed to handle such a problem.

The three main ingredients in the presentation are powdered turmeric, peppermint oil and coconut oil, which are mixed together to form a paste. Turmeric is a spice that’s most often found in food items such as cheeses, mustard or curry. It can be used in the event of a toothache due to its microbacterial status, and works together with clove. Also useful in the event of any irritation with the gums or any oral infections, turmeric helps avoid the issue of teeth becoming brittle and can decalcify the pineal gland.

In addition to aiding the mouth area, turmeric is also of value when it comes to increasing brain capacity. That’s because it helps the many neurochemicals in that area keep a consistent pace. From an overall health perspective, it can provide relief from headaches, inflamed skin, intestinal gas and arthritis. In the mixing of these items, the beginning involves placing a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil in a small cup, with two capsules of turmeric then emptied into the cup. A few drops of the peppermint oil then follow before the mixing commences. Drew then moves into his bathroom to brush his teeth. Using the spoon he mixed the three ingredients together with, he applies some of the concoction onto his toothbrush. However, it’s important to remember that using something like this will turn the bristles on a toothbrush yellow. After being seen brushing his teeth, Drew explains that regular toothpaste has fluoride in it, which helps calcify the pineal gland.

Other items that work in much the same way that turmeric does include spirulina and chlorella, as well as more familiar items like apple cider vinegar. In the latter part of the video, the explanation for describing the many benefits related to turmeric becomes clear. Drew explains that within a few weeks, a new version of turmeric will be available through FitLifeTV, with the claim that it’s four times more effective than the standard version Since the video was posted in early December 2015, it’s been viewed over 978,000 times.

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