Frightened Child Walks Into Courtroom To Testify, Watch What These Bikers Do.

Child abuse is a very real and terrible problem in countries all around the world. Millions of children of all ages are physically and sexually abused every year. The crime is particularly disgusting because young children are unable to defend themselves against adults in most cases. There is also the problem that child abuse is hard to detect. Some children might feel that the abuse is deserved or is just what happens within a family. Other children do not report being abused because of threats from the abuser. This can sometimes lead to situations where children are abused for years without anyone ever knowing or being arrested for the crime.

Another problem with child abuse is that the criminal justice system can be intimidating and harsh when arrests are made. Abuse that is uncovered needs to be investigated. Traumatized children will have to talk about the abuse in detail several times to complete strangers. Defense attorneys sometimes intentionally use underhanded tactics to intimidate kids into not testifying or retracting accusations. Children live in constant fear that the abuser might escape custody or show up unexpectedly one night to reap revenge. The final and most difficult task involves sitting in court during a criminal trial and facing the abuser in person while recounting the terrible tale of what happened. It can all be too much for a young child.

A group of people decided to do something to help children who have suffered through abuse at the hands of adults. The group is called Bikers Against Child Abuse, or BACA, International. The group is made up of men and women who all look like hardened bikers complete with leather coats, patches and tattoos. They ride large motorcycles like a gang and have a very intimidating appearance. The reality, however, is that the group rides around the country attempting to help child abuse victims in any way possible.

BACA members will ride out to meet with children who were abused. They will do just about anything to help the child through the difficult period. This can mean just showing up and being there if the child is frightened. The bikers have been known to allow the kids to paint their faces, put cute stickers on their bikes and call them funny names. Some have been seen playing around with dolls to help kids realize they are there to help.

BACA members will respond whenever an abused child needs help. They will even show up in the middle of the night and stand guard outside the house if a child is afraid the abuser might attempt to show up and get inside. They never do anything to harm abusers or go after people with violence. They are there solely to provide 24-hour support to children who are struggling to get through court cases or recover from abuse. The group has been known to take children to court, therapy sessions and even school because it makes the kids feel more normal and comfortable.

Some of the most dramatic scenes involving BACA happen inside the courtroom. If a child wants, then a dozen or more of the intimidating bikers will sit in the courtroom as the child testifies. This helps to give the child strength knowing that there are many people just a short distance away providing protection and support during one of the most difficult and confusing times. BACA has a growing member base in countries all around the world. The biker club is a nonprofit agency. Many of the members of BACA have actually given their own money to the organization to help keep it running.

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