Donald Trump Is Insulting Our Intelligence

Donald Trump Is Insulting Our Intelligence

Every day we wake up never knowing what is going to pop on the news next about what President Trump has said or done to make media coverage today. The cycle is never ending with each new action or comment becoming more and more absurd and unbelievable.

Stability is far from our future and one of “president” Trump’s newest antic, the firing of F.B.I director James Comey, is at the forefront of the media and all the buzz right now. It’s also now time for people to stop pretending this isn’t happening and address it.
This situation is similar to history repeating itself in a way. Reflect back to Nixon’s presidency and how he fired the prosecutor, Archibald Cox, who was looking into the third-rate burglary that was late associated with Richard Nixon’s spiral down. This is even more dramatic because there’s a significant difference in the level of authority between a prosecutor and the director of the F.B.I.

Trump wrote his termination letter to Comey on May 9th, 2017 and stated the reason as being because he was in agreement with “the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau.” The judgment Trump is referencing also came on May 9th from both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. He wasted no time in terminating Comey.

Don’t forget that it took him more than two weeks, 18 days to be exact, to fire national security advisor Michael Flynn. This was after he was previously warned by Sally Yates, the acting attorney general during this time, that he was possibly compromised by the Russians which could make it rather easy to blackmail him.
Sessions shouldn’t have even issued that letter in the first place because he announced in March that he was recusing himself in matters dealing with the Trump campaign. This only occurred, of course, after the news that he lied about having contact with the Russian ambassador was surfaced.

Why is this individual allowed to give recommendations to Trump after he had specifically recused himself from matters dealing with the campaign? Also, Comey happened to be the one responsible for investigating Russian ties for Trump’s associates and Sessions recommended that he be fired. It’s like we’re in the twilight zone because how in the world does this happen?

It doesn’t stop here. Rosenstein cited that the reason for his recommendation was due to “the Director’s handling of the conclusion of the investigation of Secretary Clinton’s emails…” Are we going back to Hillary again? Trump’s very own comments on the matter contradict this because he openly praised Comey during his presidential campaign. Botching the investigation could very well be why Trump is in the White House in the first place.

The insane number of lies he’s spouted in less than six months is astounding, which makes us wonder why we believe anything coming from his mouth. He prides himself on telling outrageous lies that are so dysfunctional, but people don’t want to believe our system of democracy failed. Everyone wants to believe that humans are inherently good because the alternative is that there are no morals whatsoever in the White House and thinking that we the people are responsible is unbelievable.

Comey had asked for an increase in resources for the investigation into Russia’s interference with the 2016 presidential election days prior. Comey had requested this from Rosenstein. The next day Trump met with a Russian ambassador and on Wednesday Henry Kissinger, who was secretary of state under Nixon.

This entire situation is too crazy to be true. It’s essential for people to step up and stop this country from destructing from the inside out.

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