Doctors Told Them to Abort Baby Born Missing Most His Skull. They Didn’t. Look At Him Now..

Most doctors wouldn’t tell parents to abort a baby unless there was a valid reason. This reason should be that there is no chance for survival.

Even then, the choice should be left to the parents as to what they want to do in regards to the baby and the birth. One doctor told parents to abort their baby after he was born with part of his skull missing. They didn’t listen to the doctor. At a year and a half, the boy is still alive.

The parents were told that their baby had a birth defect. At 23 weeks, the doctor told them that they should consider abortion, but the mother knew that it wasn’t an option. The parents relied on their faith in the Lord that He would bring them through whatever obstacles were in the way.

The parents didn’t know what to feel as the mother went through the pregnancy. There was a possibility that the baby wouldn’t survive childbirth,but that didn’t stop the mother from delivering the baby. Since the baby was born, he has done nothing but fight.

The defect that he has left the baby with part of his skull and brain missing. There have been treatments, and the baby seems to be doing as well as he could be considering the circumstances and considering that he wouldn’t be here at all if his parents would have listened to the doctors.

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