Doctor Reveals Secret To Falling Asleep in 60 Seconds Whenever You Want

If you ever have trouble falling asleep, there is a doctor who you’ll want to learn about. He has a simple trick that can help almost anyone fall asleep in about 60 seconds, scientifically (none of that counting sheep business). It’s a technique that helps slow the breathing so that the body is relaxed and can slip into unconsciousness faster.

When the body is relaxed, then it’s far easier to fall asleep. There are medications that you can take to help you fall asleep, but these can be harmful to the body and can actually make you dependent. This sleep expert from Arizona has developed a “4-7-8 technique” that has seemed to work. You want to hold the breath for four seconds, breathe out, then hold the breath for seven seconds, breathe out, and hold the breath for eight seconds, before exhaling.

You might need to do this several times, but after about a minute, you will notice that the body has started to relax and sleep is all that much closer and easy to attain. This method is successful because the lungs are allowed to fill with more oxygen that is then delivered to the rest of the body. Sometimes, the body doesn’t get the oxygen that it needs which can make someone restless.

It sometimes takes about four to six weeks to get the body on a regular pattern, but is well worth the time as no sleep can lead to health conditions like obesity and diabetes. Sleep is important, and everyone needs different amounts. Maybe you need a full eight hours a day, maybe you need only three or four. Either way, this simple technique ca help you achieve sleep whenever you need to do so, without the hassle of counting sheep

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