Dad Had No Idea He Was On Filmed – What He Was Doing With His Daughter Is AWESOME!!

It is no secret that many fathers and daughters share a special bond. Many fathers do their best to show their daughters how a man should treat a lady. Recently, a mother caught a special moment between her husband and their daughter, and managed to catch it all on video without them knowing.

The mom walked into their kitchen to find the father and daughter slow dancing together to the Ed Sheeran song “Thinking Out Loud”. She grabbed her phone to take the video as the father-daughter dance duo twirl around the kitchen. She captures the pair rocking back and forth, as the multi-tasking dad still manages to cook breakfast at the same time!

At some point the daughter notices her mom filming, but still enjoyed being dipped and swayed by her dad. Dad also notices mom filming which causes him to pause, but he continues on dancing with his daughter as if they are the only two in the room. It is clear that these two have a wonderful father-daughter relationship!

While the pair may not be as coordinated, or as choreographed, as Ed Sheeran and his partner in the music video, they do make a lovely dance pair!

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