Cosby Thought His Money And Fame Could Save Him. But He Just Was Given Bad News

Cosby Thought His Money And Fame Could Save Him. But He Just Was Given Bad News

Actor and family comedian Bill Cosby saw the inside of a Pennsylvania courtroom on December 30. Cosby was present and entered a plea of not guilty to the charge of aggravated indecent assault. The court appearance comes just months after dozens of women, including reality star Janice Dickinson, accused Cosby of varying degrees of sexual misconduct and abuse.

The statute of limitations has run out for many of the alleged assaults, but investigations remain underway in multiple cities for the cases that remain active. The recent court appearance stems from allegations made by former Temple employee Andrea Constand.

Constant told authorities that in 2004 she had rejected sexual advances made by Cosby. Constand stated that the star gave her a multitude of drugs and then took advantage of her intoxicated state. Cosby was escorted to the hearing by his attorneys but left in police custody. The Ghost Dad star was ordered to surrender his passport and refrain from contacting his alleged victims.

Pennsylvania court documents show that Cosby admitted prior that he laced the drinks of multiple women with drugs such as quaaludes. When the women were unconscious or incoherent, Cosby would then have forced sex with him. The actor has filed countersuits against some of his accusers. Bail in the Constand case was set at $1,000,000. The statute of limitations in the Constand case expires January 2016.

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