At Almost 100 Years Old, Dick Van Dyke Just Left The World With Their Jaws On The Floor!

Famed actor Dick Van Dyke is nearly 90 years old, but he hasn’t lost his knack for making people smile. Millions of people fondly remember the classic Dick Van Dyke Show, but now the 89-year old entertainer is amazing Internet audiences with his dance moves and comedic genius. Just watch the music video featuring Dick and his wife, Arlene.

When the band Dustbowl Revival learned that actor Dick Van Dyke was willing to appear in a music video, they tuned up their instruments and took full advantage of the once in a lifetime opportunity. Dick and Arlene are featured in the band’s latest music video, Never Had to Go. In the video, Dick attempts to convince Arlene to dance with him in their kitchen. It’s good to know that the star of Mary Poppins and Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang still knows how to make an audience laugh.

Dreamy Guy

How could Arlene possibly resist an invitation to dance with her endearing husband. Dick employs all the antics that you would expect and, of course, Arlene finally agrees to dance with her husband to a catchy Dustbowl Revival tune. Dick can still cut a mean rug, and he’s as funny as ever. Band members described the legendary actor as a “dreamy guy.”

The Dick Van Dyke show was a mainstay of television viewing in the 1960’s. The show’s success opened the door to a movie career, and the rest is history. Watch the extraordinary video below to catch a glimpse of the legendary actor in action.

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