As Mom Begins To Deliver Baby, Dad Looks At Doctor’s Hand And Captures Amazing…

When having a baby it is best to be prepared for the unexpected! In 2013, Glendale, Arizona couple Randy and Alicia were all set to meet their baby girl Neveah. Alicia was scheduled for a routine C-section with her OBGYN, Dr. Sawyer. During the procedure, everything was moving smoothly until the parents heard shouting. They realized that Dr. Sawyer was shouting for Randy to make his way around the curtain to where they were delivering his daughter from Alicia’s womb.

As Randy got near the surgical team he heard Dr. Sawyer yell out, “Hey, she’s grabbing my finger!”. Thinking quickly, the new father grabbed his camera as he made his way over to everyone. It was then that he saw what Dr. Sawyer was shouting about- Neveah, who was still in her mother’s womb, had reached out to grab onto the doctor’s finger as he was in the middle of performing the C-section!

Randy managed to catch the magical moment on camera and the image has since gone viral. Even the medical team, who deliver babies every single day, said that this was a special moment for them as well. Randy and Alicia shared their photo on Facebook, and even printed a special copy for Dr. Sawyer to keep!

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