A Customer Returns A Box Of Stale Cupcakes. Don’t Take Your Eyes On The Box…

Sharon runs a bakery called Mrs. C’s Cupcakes, which is located in Penrith, Australia. She is also a mother of four. Sharon has fallen on hard times. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer a few years ago. She is also coping with the death of her brother. Additionally, she has a son who is battling a degenerative disease.

She has extensive medical bills. As a result of this, she has been having trouble paying the rent on her building. She is also not able to spend as much time as she would like with her children.

Jackie O is a radio DJ at KIIS 1065. She heard about Sharon’s situation and decided to give her a little bit of help. She pretends to be a customer complaining about stale cupcakes.

Sharon has always taken pride in offering great service to her customers, so she handles the complaints with professionalism. She offers to refund the money or give the customer a batch of fresh cupcakes. Sharon says that she wants her customers to be happy.

Jackie O puts the cupcake box down on the counter. When Sharon opened the box, she received the surprise of her life. The box had $10,000 in it. Sharon says that she will now be able to spend more time with her son.

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