When Came Home To Torn Up Disaster, He Asks His Puppy Who Did it? Their Answer? HA!

Some people think dogs are incapable of comprehending human speech. However, in this video, these dogs seem understand human talk just fine. In the video, a man verbally chastises his two puppies for tearing up his favorite pair of pants and it seems as though the dogs understand exactly what he’s saying.

The man came home after a long day at work to find his favorite most comfortable sweatpants torn into pieces. The dogs ran up to their owner after they saw that he was home from work. When he asks who tore up his pants, the dogs turn tail and flee. They do not know whether they should greet their owner or run away for fear of being in trouble.

They are delighted that their owner is home because he doesn’t notice the tattered clothes at first. However, when he brings up the pants, they put their heads down and run away. It’s obvious that the dogs do not like to see their owner angry – they want to give him affection, but they get nervous every time that he asks who tore up the pants.

The owner cannot help but laugh at his self-shaming dogs. When walk away, he says, “Oh, ya’ll don’t want to talk about it.” Obviously not. Check out the video!

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