VIDEO: This Little Piggy Is Let Out Of His Cage For The First Time. How It Reacts? ADORBS!

There is a Virgina couple who were found hoarding pigs at their farm. PETA decided to intervene in the situation. The couple had purchased two pigs. The pigs eventually had piglets. The couple had originally planned to sell the piglets, but they could not bear to let the pigs go. Fortunately, the piglets are now being fostered by the Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

Thomas Negro is the communications manager for the Catskill Animal Sanctuary. He has stated that many people do not realize that their hoarding problem is out of control. That is why PETA decided to get involved and gave the piglets to the Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

When the 11 piglets arrived at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary, they were very afraid. The piglets eventually warmed up to the people at the shelter. They were later spayed and neutered. The pigs all healed quickly from the surgery and have grown a lot.

One afternoon, the staff members decided to let the pigs out in the field so that they could play. There is a video of the piglets playing out in the field. This video has already received over 530,000 views on Facebook. It has also been shared over 1,200 times.

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