VIDEO: They Were Married For 10 Years, What Her Husband Did Put Me In Tears For Hours. AWW!

Just when you thought that Prince Charming never really existed, there is one gentleman who will make you have a change of heart.

This galloping ghalad may have traded in his white horse for a car that fits a family of four, he still knows how to wow his princess. For their 10th anniversary, this sweet prince wanted to make sure his wife knew exactly how he felt ever since they met at the age of 12 years old.

To make his love known, he hired a marching band to announce his undying love to his now 41-year old wife with a parade in front of the house, which all started with a simple phrase of,”Look to the left.”

With that this Romeo showed his wife that she will always be his Juliet, and at the end if the parade, their two daughters approached them both holding a sign which read, “Will you marry me again?”

This chilvarous gentleman simply stated that he wanted his wide to know that he would do it all over again, just for her. This just goes to show that true love can be found even in this day and age when most people do not even have time to have a cup of coffee.

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