VIDEO: They Must Choose Between These 2 Doors. Now See What Happens When They Walk Through Them

If you have ever had to choose between one door or another, then you know the difficulty that this mother faced. Most mothers want to feel like they are beautiful even while they are caring for children all day or while they are at work. There has been a new campaign made by Dove that wants women to know that no matter how hectic their lives are, they are beautiful in every way.

The campaign makes a point to get women to consider how they are making themselves beautiful. Some might use a lot of makeup while others might dye their hair or exercise to lose weight. There were five citites where Dove posted signs that said average and beautiful on the entrances. These cities were in various countries, not just the United States. Filming was random as women entered the door that suited how they felt.

Some of the women did stop to look at the doors before making a final decision. This mother had to make a decision that made her confront her true feelings about how she looked and felt about the way that she looked. Many of the women chose average. One woman even walked away.

Several of the younger women wanted to enter the average door, but they were led to the beautiful door by their mothers or friends. This is a campaign aimed at getting women to see that no matter what flaws there are, there is a radiating beauty within.

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