VIDEO: These Boys Met Randomly At A Swim Club. But What They Found Out Next? I Am In SHOCK!

Is there anything strange about going to a swimming pool in the summer? For Isaac Nolting and Dakotah Zimmer, one fateful meeting at a swimming pool changed both of their lives forever.

These two boys grew up 12 miles away from each other in the small towns of Washington and Agusta, Missouri. But they never crossed paths during their later childhoods after their biological parents died when they were young. Isaac, 12, was raised by foster parents. Dakotah, 13, was raised by their grandmother.

At the swimming pool one day, the two boys met by chance. They began splashing and playing around in the pool. Someone walked by the two boys and said they were playing like brothers. The boys realized they looked alike and acted alike. Isaac asked his adoptive mother if he was adopted. He told her that he met his brother at the pool.

The kids dress alike, act alike, play video games together, and seem like an inseparable duo. They held this strange connection all these years even though they never remembered meeting each other. Those who see them together now can’t imagine that they were raised in different homes because of the connection they share between them now.

Discoveries like these make some people believe that fate really does exist. These types of chance encounters rarely happen, but they impact many lives when they do occur. The lives of these two boys will never be the same again thanks to their amazing discovery that day at the pool.

The two boys and the grandmother eventually looked through pictures to see that the boys spent Halloween together one year when they were toddlers. The connection survived all these years, and it proves that some bonds can never really be broken. The brothers now enjoy wrestling around with each other and always having someone to play with.

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