VIDEO: These 2 Old Sisters Argue In Front Of The Camera, But Keep Your Eyes On Granny…

It’s not uncommon for sisters to fight with each other. When older sisters argue, it’s often funny because they can say things that make no sense, and their actions are sometimes distorted, so it doesn’t really look like they are fighting at all.

One sister is 101 while the other is 96. When you get women like this together, it sometimes looks like a reality television show. These women like to call each other names, but they love each other no matter what.

They enjoy a life together that is full of playing bingo, going to lunches with other ladies and even talking about the latest basketball game. When the pair get inside a car, they are like a couple from a comedy show. They appear to mean what they say, but it’s clear that they don’t really mean a word at times as they laugh and cut up, showing each other a different kind of love.

One of the sisters begins talking about not being able to understand what the other is saying, so she says there’s something in the mouth of her sister. The other sister comes back with the reason she can’t hear is because something must be in the ear of the other. They argue while washing dishes, while watching television and while they are in the car. These two are a breath of fresh air considering things could be different between them.

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