VIDEO: She Hated Leaving Her Dog Home Alone, So She Built THIS To Fix All Her Worries

Brooke Martin is a 15 year old girl who lives in Spokane, Washington. She felt really guilty every day when she had to go to school, because she had to leave her dog behind.

It is estimated that about 13 million dogs deal with separation anxiety, which makes it hard to leave your dog at home if you love him or her. However, we have school, work, and other obligations, and we cannot necessarily spend all our time at home with our dogs.

Brooke decided to do something about the guilt she was feeling by creating a unique and very cool invention. She enlisted the help of her father, Martin, and came up with the iCPooch unit, an invention that allows owners to make video calls to their dogs. The product is actually currently priced at $150, and it uses an app on tablets to allow owners to dial into devices remotely and talk to their pets were at home. The product even allows for the release of treats to these dogs.

According to one YouTube commenter, “She’s a kid, and the fact that she was able to create such an invention says a lot about not only her, but her devotion to her pet. The premise may sound unpromising, but it’s still a neat idea.” This view does have a great deal of merit. Even though the invention is not perfect at this point, it is still a great way for owners to preserve their bonds with their dogs.

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