VIDEO: She Had One Dying Wish To Meet A Mermaid. Now Watch That Dream Come True

A little girl in Scotland had one wish. This little girl is only 8, but she has a terminal illness. Her wish was to see a mermaid, and thanks to a special lady, that wish came true.

Lauren was born at 27 weeks, and she has suffered through various health conditions her entire life. The Rays of Sunshine Foundation learned of Lauren’s wish, and they were able to get a professional mermaid to swim from the water to surprise her.

Lauren went to the Sealife Glasgow Aquarium with her family. She was dressed as a mermaid as it’s one of her favorite characters. The little girl has been in and out of the hospital because of a condition with her bowels. The only thing that the little girl has wanted to see is a mermaid.

The family walked toward the Loch where they saw a mermaid swimming to the shore from the water. The mermaid talked with the little girl and posed for a few pictures with her. The woman who dresses as a mermaid lives in Los Angeles and frequently dresses for parties and special events. The little girl was thrilled after meeting the mermaid, and she now has her wish granted so that she can enjoy her life on Earth.

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