VIDEO: My Wife Thought I Was Crazy For Trying This. Then It Worked And I Laughed In Her Face

Housework is a chore that is not normally located on the top of most people’s “can’t wait to do that” list. One of the spots of the home that creates gross, dirty, and stinky clean up is the garbage disposal. You can keep your disposal clean and smelling fresh by creating your own all natural garbage disposal cleaners.

The first thing that you will need to do is to gather the supplies. This list includes ice cube trays, lemons, vinegar, a pouring vessel, and a knife.

Start by cutting the lemons into small wedges that will fit into the ice cube trays. One lemon per tray is the average.

Fill the pouring vessel with the vinegar. Fill each individual tray slot with vinegar from the container. No need to dilute the solution with water or other liquid.

Once the desired amount of trays have been filled, place them into the freezer to set. Overnight is usually a good amount of time to let them freeze. The smell of the lemons will not penetrate the other items that are in the freezer.

When a cleaning is necessary, toss a cube into the disposer, turn on the water, and run the disposer. The overall cost of this cleaning hack is $3.00 for 48 uses compared to $18.00 for 48 uses of the harmful chemical alternative.

This eco-friendly and cost effective way to clean a garbage disposal is the perfect solution to one of the gross, dirty, and smelly jobs around the house.

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