VIDEO: It Was A Normal Day At School Then I Caught My Teacher Doing THIS. LOL! WOW!

More Tech schools should help their students to loosen up, and let go. At A. Maceo Smith Tech High School, the coolest and greatest teacher ever, shook up the entire student body. Everyone showed off their best dance moves, as they graced the hall to the sound track of “Uptown Funk.”

This only shows how much fun school can be, and how boring learning is NOT. The students were all too happy to be a part of such an awesome dance routine. Everyone knew their moves, and was more than capable of giving up with the pace. It was undoubtedly an adventure for everyone.

This teacher is an inspiration to students who may consider themselves nothing more nerds. Probably for the first time ever, most of kids were able to break out of their shyness, and present themselves in a totally new light. This teacher shows students that if they can showcase themselves on YouTube, learn all the fancy dance moves, and still pass their classes, that there is absolutely nothing too hard for them to accomplish. So, what is a normal day at school for A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School in Dallas, TX?

Well, it is certainly not sitting at the computer screen all day. Anyone who watches this video will want to be a part of this school, or at least send their children there. “After looking at these students perform, one cannot help but to dance, dance, dance, and dance the night away, or should we say dance the day away.”

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