VIDEO: I Thought My Dog Was Doing Something Odd When We Left, So I Setup THIS Hidden Camera

What dogs do when we leave is a mystery, at least it was until now. The dog owner attached a GoPro to his dog and left. The dog has some separation anxiety issues, other than that it was pretty normal. The repeated looking out the windows is normal for people or dogs, when we don’t know when you are coming back.

The anxiety will eventually go away and calm will ensue. It is kinda sad to think how sad the dog was, he went and laid on the bed and started to howl. We have to remember as humans we project our emotions on to animals that don’t react the same way we do. We as humans “think” the dog is sad.

Who knows he might be hollowing for joy. One has to remember dogs have the attention span of a goldfish most of the time. In a few minutes he has forgot you are gone and is enjoying his nap time. I had an Australian Shepperd once who didn’t care if I left or stayed, as long as he was outside in the yard.

I could come and go, he paid me no mind. However, he did like to ride in my Jeep on summer days with the windows down.

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