VIDEO: He’s Driving Down The Road When He Sees THIS Ahead And Slams On His Breaks…LOL!

Slowing down while driving to let animals cross the road is nothing new. There are people who stop to let cats and dogs cross the road as well as some large animals that just might be loose from a fence, such as a cow or a pig. This driver comes to a complete stop so that this surprising sight can get across the road.

When you think about a Saint Bernard, one thing that might come to mind is that the animal is large in size. They are often known for being used as working dogs. They are sometimes used to help in search and rescue efforts. The loyalty of these dogs is astounding, but there are times when they can get afraid of other animals and people.

The driver in the video was simply trying to get down the road when two animals went across. This road appears to be in a residential neighborhood with several houses on each side. A Saint Bernard is seen running across the road, being followed by something else. It’s not an animal.

Instead, it’s a man who is holding a leash that is attached to the dog. The Saint Bernard is dragging the man across the road, showing just how much strength the breed has in nature.

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