VIDEO: Her Mom Is Pregnant In Her Mid 50s. But That’s Just Where This Story Gets Interesting

This story is a heartwarming one, and it shows just what some people are willing to do for their family members. Emily Jordan was a young woman who was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and then she ended up finding out she was pregnant. Although they wanted the baby, because of her situation, she and her husband were forced into a situation where they needed to make a decision about the baby.

Because Emily needed to go through all sorts of cancer treatments, they realized that she would not be able to deliver a baby. However, she told her mother, Cindy Reutzel, about the situation and got a response that many people would find amazing. Her mother offered to be a surrogate for any children that her daughter and son-in-law would want in the future via any viable embryos.

Though Emily had cervical cancer, the doctors were able to save her ovaries, so she would be able to produce viable embryos. After putting quite a bit of thought into it, Emily and her husband accepted her mother’s generous offer.

Cindy Reutzel is now serving as a surrogate for her daughter, meaning she is pregnant in her fifties. Although a woman this age who is having a baby is rare, it is even more rare given this family’s specific situation.

This is one beautiful and inspiring example of just how far some people will go to ensure the happiness of those that they love. This is one truly selfless and loving mother.

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