VIDEO: Her Chilling Voice Possesses The Crowd The Second THIS Comes Out Of Her Tiny Mouth

An eight year old girl named Angelina Jordan was a contestant recently on the Norway’s Got Talent television show. Jordan sang Cher’s song “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” from 1996 and did a truly amazing job.

The content of Cher’s song – about a love affair turned homicidal – might seem more appropriate for a much older singer. However, Jordan’s voice is so full and her manner so mature that it’s hard to imagine any adult doing a better version of this song. She performed live with an adult off to the side of the stage playing a stark accompaniment on an electric guitar. The judges and audience were enthralled.

The tiny girl was dressed in a simple white dress and had long brown hair. While she sang the sad song, Jordan looked into the distance through big dark eyes. She simply stood in front of the microphone and at times clutched it with both hands.

Jordan may very well become a big star soon. If a woman in her twenties sang this song so well the performance would have been good enough to be competitive on the show. However, an eight year old singing this particular song this way is something truly remarkable.

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