VIDEO: He Sisters $50. What They Do With It? He Is Beyond Shocked And Overwhelmed

When you give sisters money to spend, you probably think that they will blow the money on clothes, nail polish and other items that they don’t need. A man gave two sisters $50 each.

There were instructions with the money. He told the girls that they needed to do something nice for someone else. They took his words to heart, and they purchased a dinner for a group of people in Sierra Leone.

The man heard of what the girls did with the money. He was so impressed that he went to their school to pay them a visit. While he was at the school, he made an announcement that he would give anyone who wanted to make a difference in the world $50.

The school is located in Durham, North Carolina. There is no report as to how many of the children took the man up on his offer or what the kids who did take the money did for other people.

These girls took a small amount of money and made a big difference in the lives of people who might not have had a meal otherwise. These are the kids who will likely be the leaders of the world in the future.

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