VIDEO: He Showed Up On Their Doorstep Uninvited. What Did They Do?? Hysterical!

An animal appearing on your doorstep might not be that out of the ordinary if the animal is a dog or a cat. This animal seemed to want to terrorize the homeowner, but he ended up being like any other animal that wanted a place to call home. An owl showed up at the door of two women who had no clue where the bird came from and why it was bothering them.

The reaction to the owl being at the door is priceless. They thought that the tapping sound they heard at the door was some kind of puppy.

When they opened the door, they saw that it was a large owl that wanted to try to get inside. While the owl was in front of the door, the two women seemed to try to talk to the animal. There were exchanges that don’t seem quite human coming from the women, but the owl does respond in a way that you might think is a form of communication.

After a few moments, the owl starts to look like he is angry with the women. The women don’t pay any attention to the owl and how he looks as they continue to laugh at the bird.

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