VIDEO: He Put Together A Strange Structure In His Back Yard. Years Later? I Am In Awe!

The Dervaes family engages in a practice that is called urban agroecology. It has a major effect on the way that people live in urban areas these days. Many people may think that people in urban areas are deprived of home grown food and the privileges that come with it, but with urban agroecology, this is not the case. This family lives only 15 miles from downtown Los Angeles, and their property would have you guessing that they live in a more rural area. They are able to be productive in the same way as are people in rural farming areas, but they live just minutes from one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world.

This is a family of four, and they live on one tenth of an acre, which is part of a 4,000 square foot farm. The farm is located right next to a very busy highway in Pasadena.

This small family farm gives rise to more than 6,000 pounds of food every single year, including poultry, vegetables, and fruits.

It is absolutely amazing and impressive that this family is able to produce such a large amount of food on a farm that is only 4000 square feet, particularly when you take into consideration its location in a large city.

This seemingly unusual lifestyle is actually catching on, and for good reason. It makes sense that people who live in urban areas would want to produce their own fresh food for their families.

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