VIDEO: Fugelsang Decimates Psychotic Christian Republican Candidates In 90 Seconds

Comedian John Fugelsang recently created a 90-second video where he attacks the apparent hypocrisy of the current crop of Republican candidates who have declared for the 2016 nomination for President.

The hypocrisy Fugelsang attacks is related to those candidates who claim to be deeply committed to Chrisitan values, yet work against legislation that will help those less fortunate or otherwise dismiss their struggles.

Fuglesang notes that both his parents were in the clergy, with his mother a former nun and his father an ex-Franciscan brother. He then imagines that it would be great to see Jesus Christ come to earth and run on the Republican 2016 ticket.

He notes that Jesus was a non-violent revolutionary who hung around with criminals and lepers. In addition, he didn’t speak English and wasn’t an American citizen, while also being against capitalism and wealth.

Other factors that would put Jesus at odds with those currently running are the fact that he was also against public prayer and the death penalty, while never once showing disdain toward gay people.

According to Fugelsang, Jesus never mentioned abortion or pre-marital sex, never attempted to justify torture or referred to the poor as lazy. He also never asked a leper for a co-pay on his insurance or asked for tax cuts for the wealthy.

Finally, Fugelsang notes that Jesus was a long-haired Middle Eastern Jew with dark skin. He then concludes that all of it is true, but only if you believe what’s actually in the Bible itself.

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