VIDEO: Dog Drops A Plastic Bag On Owner’s Doorstep, What’s Inside Is Heart Breaking

Dogs are known for being heroic. People hear stories about dogs all of the time. The story might involve a dog rescuing a child from a burning building. Maybe the story is about a dog that walks long miles to find help for his or her owner. It also could be a story about a dog fighting off an intruder in a house to protect a family. However, few dog stories are as heartbreaking and heartwarming as the story of a dog in Thailand.

Pui is a neighborhood dog that likes to spend his time looking for food scraps. It was reported Pui was near a dump looking for food when he saw a plastic bag. Intrigued, the dog examined the plastic bag and found something desperately important. A newborn baby was inside of the bag.

The umbilical cord was even still attached to the infant. Pui carried the baby home. Pui’s owner opened the bag and discovered the newborn. The baby was rushed to the hospital. Doctors determined the baby had been born prematurely. Thankfully, the baby now has a second chance at life.

At least five families came forward to adopt the baby. The baby is presumably now in the care of one of these families. All of this is thanks to the quick thinking of Pui. Numerous people gave Pui a reward for his actions. These rewards included a spiffy leather collar and at least a year’s supply of dog food for the canine. Well done, Pui! The world salutes you!

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