TIP: Facebook Has A HIDDEN Inbox, And This Is How You Find It….

Most people know of two inboxes for Facebook. One receives messages from friends and those who you allow to talk to you. The other is for those who aren’t your friend so that you have to accept the message in order for it to be delivered.

There is a hidden message box that you might not know about. This is a change that the developers of Facebook have created that once again goes unnoticed by users.

Facebook wants to do everything possible to help protect users from getting unwanted messages from companies and people that you don’t know. Some messages still seem to get through no matter how hard you try to block the communication. There are also messages that don’t get read that you do need, or want, to see. You will need to go to your personal page in order to see the hidden message box. There could be a few advertisements that you need to get through in order to see the hidden messages. This is something that will benefit small businesses more than typical users.

There is now a message request feature. You have to go in and accept the request in order to read what is said. Go to the message box and click see all. This gives a full screen. Go all the way to the right of the inbox messages to where it says more. Click on more before clicking on filtered. This will show some of the messages that you might not be able to see on a regular basis. These are the ones that you have to hunt for, and you can’t see them from your phone as of now until that part is changed.

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