This Bear Thought He Could Break Into This House, But This Cat Had A Different Idea.!

Bears in Eagle River
If you live in Eagle River, Alaska, you will not be shocked to see a black bear. There is an abundance of them in Eagle River. What you don’t expect, or want to see, is a black bear on your deck looking in your glass door. This is exactly what happened to Darliss Elliot. She saw the bear come up the driveway and onto the deck.

Attack Cat on Duty
When the bear came near the door, Elliot says, she noticed her usually friendly, mild-mannered cat, Nani, crouch and go into hunting mode. Nani marked her time until she had the best opportunity. The bear had lowered his head to sniff the lower part of the door. and then she POUNCED at the bear!

A very impressive pounce it was, too. Nani was exactly lined up to make impact right between that bear’s ears. Of course she hit the glass of the door, and never made contact with the bear. I am sure this was pretty humiliating to any self-respecting cat.

Job Done – Now to Clean up the Carnage
Of course there was no carnage since the two never made contact. However, the job was done; the bear has not been seen in that area since this encounter. Bear – 0, Cat – 1.
Judging by the sound the photographer made when the cat impacted the window, there may have been some clean up to be done.

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