They Hit Record Inside An Old Age Home, But Never In Their Wildest Dreams Expect To Capture This

A retirement home might not be the place where you would expect to see dancing and parties. When a camera is placed inside a retirement home in Belvedere, you see that just because they are older doesn’t mean that they will stop acting like they are young.

The senior citizens decided to do a parody of a popular song called You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party. It looks like they meant the words that they were singing as they were dancing and celebrating. They were gambling in the video and playing a guitar. Some of them were even baring down to their underwear.

It was all in good fun, but it showed that although older individuals might act like they have no zeal for life anymore, they are far from the age of sitting in a chair all day. The video begins with the activity director telling the people in the room not to get into any trouble and to behave.

They tell her good-bye, then the fun begins. One gentleman begins the song, and then the video cuts to a table of ladies who are playing cards. The entire video is about life in a retirement home. They have to deal with nurses and staff who want to make them eat meals at certain times and doctors who try to put them on medications for their health. Once you see the entire video, you see that all they want to do is have a little fun.

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