The Last Time These Twins Saw Each Other Was 70 Years Ago. They Were Just Reunited. SO AMAZING

In 1946, a Polish woman was freed from a labor camp after World War II. Shortly afterwards, she had two twin boys. Unfortunately, the mother was weak and sick after her ordeal, so she could not take care of her sons. The babies, George and Lucian, were sent to Poland where they ended up being adopted by two separate families.

Neither George nor Lucian knew about the existence of their twin, but they both grew up feeling like something was missing from their lives. George got a copy of his adoption paperwork when he was 17, and he realized that he had a twin brother somewhere. Unfortunately, this discovery caused a great deal of drama in his adoptive family, and he ended up leaving Poland and moving to California.

Lucian only discovered that he had a twin somewhere last year, and he immediately began searching for his lost brother. With the information he had about the twins’ biological mother, George and Lucian were able to find each other. After 68 years apart, the twins were finally reunited in Poland.

Though they spent decades living in different countries, they have an immediate connection to each other. This tear-jerking video captures their emotional reunion at the airport and provides more information about George and Lucian’s background.

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