Teen Spots Terrified Girl Stranded In River Below Bridge – Leaps From Car and Strips Down

Parents often want the best things for their children. They don’t want a phone call letting them know that their child is in danger. Accidents do happen, and there is sometimes nothing that can be done to prevent them. Angus Pauley was late for school one morning, so his mother had to take him. If it wasn’t for him being late to school, then a young girl might not have been rescued.

The mother and son were driving over a bridge when Angus noticed something below them in the water. Angus told his mother to pull the car over so that he could get a better look. When Angus looked closer at the water, he saw that there was a little girl doing her best to keep her head above the water.

Angus didn’t have to think twice about jumping into the water to save her. Another man soon joined Angus in the rescue. Fortunately, the two young men were able to pull the 12-year-old to safety.

She is now with her family, and the family is appreciative of the rescue efforts that the two young men displayed that day. If it wasn’t for a young man paying attention to his surroundings and being selfless, then the story might have a different outcome.

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