She Gets A Call From A Wrong Number. But When She Hears The Voicemail, She Dials 911 ASAP

A South Florida woman is being hailed as a hero all thanks to a misdialed number. Ashley Yasick’s quick thinking and prompt action helped save the life of a complete stranger 1000 miles away. Today, 84-year old Thomas Buck is recovering, and his family has a renewed faith in the kindness of strangers. It all started when Ashley received a phone call from an unknown number.

She let the call go to voicemail but decided to check the message right away. The message was from a distraught-sounding elderly man who thought he had called his daughter. In the message, the man stated he was dizzy, had fallen several times, and that he needed help. After hearing the alarming message, Ashley knew she had to do something. She called the number back and found out the man’s name was Thomas and that he lived in Pennsylvania.

Although Ashley lives in Florida, she is originally from Pennsylvania and had kept her old phone number when she moved, which is how Thomas accidentally dialed her instead of his daughter. Ashley tried to find out his exact location, but Thomas was too disoriented to tell her anything more than that he was in the back of his house. Ashley was determined not to give up on Thomas.

She was able to locate his address through a Google search and called 911. Paramedics arrived on the scene quickly and took Thomas to a nearby hospital where he was treated for a blood infection. Doctors say that Thomas could have died if Ashley had not called for help when she did.

Thomas’ family is grateful for Ashley’s quick action that saved their loved one’s life. Ashley does not consider herself a hero. She says she was just following her instincts and doing what any moral person would do under the circumstances. There is no word yet on if the two families will arrange to meet in person.

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