President Bannon Lays the Groundwork for Destroying America’s Executive Branch

President Bannon Lays the Groundwork for Destroying America’s Executive Branch

It has become increasingly evident that Dinald Trump is not the brains behind his administration. His job is be the great distractor and to create controvery with Twitter and outrageous statements, while the true evil geniuses are at work in the shadows. As it turns out, much of what could and should be blamed on Trump was initially concieved by Steve Bannon, the White House Chief Strategist, and America’s true president. Bannon is Donald Trump’s puppet master.

One of the most glaring examples of this truth is the signing of a new executive order, titled the “Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch”. That title alone should raise some eyebrows, but for many it merely passed by without second thoughts. While this executive order doesn’t use religion to ban an entire group of people from the United States, it does threaten something totally essential to our government’s functionality.

Those who have read the executive order know that its stated goal is to “increase accountability, effectiveness, and efficiency of all federal agencies”. On the surface, that sounds innocent. But the measures described to reach that goal are extreme. Some methods include ending certain components of certain agencies, merging agencies, and even potentially cutting agencies altogether.

Shadow President Steve Bannon has made it very clear that his goal is to disassemble the administrative state – which is why he instructed Donald to anoint heads of departments who will destroy those departments. This has been his plan all along, and with this new executive order to dismantle the executive branch, it seems that Bannon is closer to achieving his diabolical goal than ever before.

Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary of Education was one such appointee. This order that could easily lead to the elimination of the Department of Education, putting her out of a job. Of course, many have felt that DeVos herself wants to end the department and have the country focus entirely on private education. The same could be said for Scott Pruitt, the new head of the EPA who has publicly stated his opposition toward the agency.

Of course, the language used in the oprder is all quite positive, which is why so many overlooked its troubling consequences. The government could certainly do with a little cleaning up in term of inefficiencies and redundancies, but this order will literally gut outr executive branch. There are better ways to save money than by cutting essetial departments. You don’t try to save money on toothpaste by pulling out all of your teeth.

This order also effectively removes Congress from the equation when it comes to major budget issues. For instance, Congress might complain to the Trump administration about the budget cuts to certain agencies, but they can’t do anything if those agencies don’t exist in the budget at all. The vagueness of the language in the order is such that it is meant to be broadly-scoped. Its ambiguity gives more power to those who want to deflate and defund the most important government services and agencies. The administration and many of those who have covered this order have claimed it is nothing but a pair of shears for pruning the government, but in reality the order is more like a flamethrower that could permanently damage the structure of government that others have worked so hard to build.

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