Mom Leaves Her Baby Home With Dad… Later He Sends Her This Text and She’s STUNNED.

Eric and Priscilla had a son on December 6, 2014. Like most new mothers, Priscilla hated to leave her son alone – in fact, she was heartbroken even if she left her son for a few hours. Priscilla went back to work six weeks after she gave birth to her son. Eric stayed home with his son while Priscilla worked.

Eric decided to make videos in order to keep Priscilla updated with the things that they did throughout the day. He recorded videos of himself singing to his son and feeding his son broccoli. Eric went above and beyond to let his wife know that he and the baby were fine at home.

Eric put the videos he made online and they have gone viral. Priscilla was thrilled with the videos, which Eric said he had a blast making. He also stated that the videos made it easy for him to bond with his son.

He posted those videos to inspire other men. Some men do not know what to do when they are left alone with the baby and Eric he hopes his videos will give them some ideas.

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