Longtime Orphan Tracks Down Sister, Her Adoptive Mom Does Something Incredible

Ara Hunt was wondering why no one wanted to adopt Logan because he seemed like the perfect kid. Logan’s mother gave up him and sister Shyann shortly after they were born. Shyann was adopted by Ara and her husband, but Logan ended up in foster care. He went from foster home to foster home and eventually ended up on the streets. Logan stated that he was sleeping in a car. He stated that he would not have mind living in a cardboard box, he just wanted a family.

Logan contacted his special advocate and asked her for money. However, she did a lot more for him than just give him money. She reunited him with his biological sister who had been adopted. Logan stated that the joy he felt when he saw his sister was indescribable. He stated that it is hard to express in words how grateful you are.

Ara and her husband were a little skeptical about adopting Logan because he had spent his entire life in foster care. They could not figure out why no one wanted him. However, the family instantly bonded with Logan after they met him. The family legally adopted Logan after he moved in with them.

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