I Laughed When I Saw The Shirt He Was Wearing. But Once The DJ Hit Plays. Pure Entertainment!

Charlotte and Gary have been dancing partners for most of their lives. They have competed in numerous dance competitions in this country. They have won most of the competitions that they have participated in. There is a video from a 2010 dance competition that was posted on YouTube. The couple did a jitterbug dance to “Me And Bobby McGee” by Rhonda McDaniel.

Charlotte and Gary did an amazing job. Debbie Wheelis decided that she was going to join in on the fun. One of the many interesting things about the performance is that Debbie and Charlotte are wearing outfits that look nearly identical. The two also look a lot alike. It is nearly impossible to watch the entire video without smiling. The video has been viewed over nine million times since it was first posted on YouTube back in October 2010.

Charlotte and Gary joined the South Side Imperial Dance Club in 1980. The Living Legends Award is among the numerous accolades that they have won. They consider themselves to be ambassadors of dance.

They are passionate about promoting their love of dance to the world. When they are not competing in dance competitions, they are teaching dance workshops around the country.

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