How She Decorates Her Easter Eggs Left Me In AWE! You’ve Never Seen Eggs Like THIS Before!

If you’re looking for a new way to decorate your eggs for Easter this year, you can try one of these three decorating styles. They are easy yet incredibly creative. You can do them with your children or have a decorating party with your family and friends. The items used to decorate the eggs are things you already have around the home and don’t require extra trips to the store.

Nail Polish

For this style, you’ll need a bowl of warm water and several colors of nail polish. The nail polish doesn’t have to be a special type of polish. It should be one that you think will look amazing on your Easter eggs. Have a bowl of hard boiled eggs on hand that have had a chance to cool too. Drizzle one of the nail polish colors into the bowl of warm water. It helps to let it drizzle slowly and around the top of the water. For this technique, you can add two to three colors.

After adding the first color, add a second color of your choice. Some nice color combinations might be blue and pink or green and yellow for Easter. Swirl the colors with a toothpick. Dip your egg into the colored water. The color will sit on the top of the water and adhere to the egg once it’s dipped. Remove and let the eggs dry. It creates a beautiful marble effect on the egg.

Rubber Bands

Have a few bowls of warm water handy for this technique. You’ll need some rubber bands, a stirring spoon, food coloring and vinegar as well as hard boiled eggs too. Once you have all your materials on hand, add one type of the food coloring to each bowl of warm water. The amount of the drops will depend on the saturation that you’d like on your eggs. Add a splash of vinegar to the mixture too. The stirring spoon will help the color and vinegar mix thoroughly. Once all your colors are mixed, add rubber bands in a cool design around your eggs and place them into the water.

Let the eggs sit for a few minutes until they are the desired depth of color then remove them from the color bath. Allow the eggs to dry before removing the rubber band to see the stunning designs you’ve made with the white spaces under the rubber bands.


This egg coloring technique doesn’t require coloring at all. You’ll need some hard boiled eggs, a bowl of egg whites, colorful napkins and a brush. Of course, give the hard boiled eggs time to cool before using them for your Easter egg decorations. Open up the napkins you plan to use and cut them into four equal squares. You’ll only need one square to cover your hard boiled egg.

Wrap the napkin around your egg and use the egg whites to wash over the napkin. This creates a decoupage effect on the egg. You can cut and smooth the excess napkin around the egg and use egg whites and the brush to make it smooth. You can get incredibly creative with different styles, colors and designs of the napkins you choose for this technique.

When you use one of these styles for decorating your eggs, you’ll create stunning Easter egg designs that your family and friends will love during your Easter party, egg hunt or decorating party.

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