Here’s Who Bernie Sanders Just Hinted At Who He Wants As His Running Mate:

Bernie Sanders was recently interviewed on the “Nightly Show” with Larry Wilmore, who asked Bernie about his plans for a vice president. Rumors have been going around saying that Bernie Sanders will pick Elizabeth Warren as vice president.

While Bernie did not say whether or not he was going to pick Elizabeth Warren, he did say that she was a very good friend of his. Bernie went on to list all of the things that he liked about Warren, stating that Elizabeth is a great United States senator.

Sanders noted that she has stood up to Wall Street and Big Money interests, and that he and Elizabeth will certainly work together. Jordan Carlos and Grace Parra were alongside Larry during the interview, who both said that they loved Bernie’s responses.

Many agree that Elizabeth’s experience as a senator would greatly benefit her if Bernie did choose her as his running mate, should he win the primaries. Additionally, Bernie and Elizabeth agree on many issues. They are both focused on making reforms that will make things a lot easier for the middle class. Hopefully Sanders gets the chance to choose a running mate, and with luck, smash whichever GOP puppet they end up selecting.

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