He Raises This Gorilla Like A Son Then Set Him Free – 5 Years Later, He Sees Him In The Wild…

Damian Aspinall is a millionaire entrepreneur who is living his dream life. Part of that dream life includes running a wildlife conservation, the Aspinall Foundation, where he gets to work directly with captive gorillas to help to reintroduce them to the wild.

One of the gorillas that Damian became closest to was Kwibi, who he raised like one of his own children. While it broke Damian’s heart, Kwibi had to be released back into the wild once it was determined that he was ready to live on his own.

Five years later, Damian, along with a team, ventured into a jungle preserve in Gabon, Africa to look for his old friend against the advice of many other animal professionals. Many were afraid that Kwibi would have reverted back to his primal state and turned hostile against humans after being back in his natural element for so long.

Damian knew the risks but wanted to see his old friend one more time. The team that Damian brought came up with a plan just in case Kwibi did become aggressive towards the human intruders- distract him with food to allow them to escape.

While floating down the river in the jungle, Damian spotted Kwibi on the riverbank. He got out and slowly made his way to the gorilla, not knowing how he would react. As he got closer he heard a noise- a gurgle coming from Kwibi. That was a good sign! The gurgle was a love gurgle, which meant that Kwibi not only remembered Damian but was happy to see him. Kwibi brought him in for a hug and the two rolled around in the grass playing for a while.

Of seeing Kwibi again, Damian said that,”It was lovely to see that our bond was so strong”.

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