He Found A Baby Left To Die In The Woods. After Saving It, He Adopts It To Make Sure It Stays Safe

A lot of people pick up a breakfast muffin or a cup of coffee on their way to their job. In Jalisco, Mexico, a man picked up a much more substantial offering. While he was strolling down the road, he found a piece of cloth discarded on the corner. When he took a look, he saw what would transform his life from then on. He saw a tiny baby.

The baby was just over a month old, left to die on the side of the street. It was tossed aside to be by itself, subject to the environment. Raul, the man who discovered the baby, immediately brought the baby to the authorities. The next step however shattered all expectations.

Raul thought that this event in his life was not a coincidence. He felt that the baby was in fact a gift given to him by God. Thus, he began proceedings to adopt the baby girl. His family came forward and provided him tremendous support in this process. Though the baby was born and cast away like nothing, it ultimately received the blessings of a beautiful family.

The infant’s life began in the most horrible of ways. However, her future is incredibly bright. What would any of us have done in Raul’s situation? Probably not the same. This touching story is worth sharing with friends and family alike, to give them inspiration and hope in the beauty of humanity.

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