Gordon Ramsay Actually Complimented Someone’s Cooking On Twitter

Those seeking public humiliation for their cooking efforts have turned to Twitter to engage with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. His scathing criticisms have earned him fame, but a May 3rd tweet from a woman showing off her fiance’s skillet pork loin actually impressed this man notorious for his raw candor.

Ramsay declared emphatically that she should indeed marry the creator of the pork loin. The meat displayed an excellent grilling color without being too dark and crispy. A rich pan sauce garnished with lemons and herbs apparently elevated the dish to a state worthy of his praise.

Other Twitter users responded to his uncharacteristic lack of vitriol. The lady who shared the original tweet expressed her surprise and gratitude. Another commenter recommended that she invite Ramsay to the wedding although others warned that he might criticize her wedding dress. The majority expressed varying degrees of shock to have witnessed a compliment from Ramsay.

His trademark brutality in the face of less-than-perfect cooking has made his followers accustomed to unyielding harshness. His usual tweets include harsh take downs of amateur efforts such as a heart-shaped cake that caused Ramsay to compare it unfavorably to the table cloth. Another unsuspecting soul who asked him to critique a vegetarian taco with a Valentine’s Day theme forced Ramsay to confess that it reinforced his commitment to eating meat.

Hopefully the lady who he graced with a compliment will take a screenshot of the rare treasure and go on to enjoy a happy marriage.

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