Every Day, This Mailman Tries Delivering To This House – Keep Your Eye On The Front Door.

Some mailmen avoid certain houses, leaving the mail in a box on the porch or near the end of the road. There could be a dog in the home, or the mailman might have a fear of what is behind a closed door. One mailman doesn’t have to be afraid of a dog. Instead, there is a cat that tries to make deliveries challenging.

The cat is known as the Mail Slot Menace. There is a video of the cat protecting his home in a way that has made some visitors afraid to come near the front door. Each day, the cat sits by the window to wait for the mailman. As the mailman arrives, he knows what to expect from the cat.

It is often a fight to get the mail inside the slot on the front door. The mailman does seem to add humor to the situation instead of being irritated at the cat and his protective ways. When the mailman tries to put the mail in the slot, the cat will use his paw to try to push the envelopes back outside.

He doesn’t appear to want to harm the mailman, but he does want to make sure the person knows that it’s his territory and that it will be defended. At one point, the cat does latch onto the man’s glove when he tries to stuff the mail inside the slot.

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