Dick Cheney Is Completely Embarrassed When Reporter Reminds Him When THIS Happened To Him.

Dick Cheney recently made an appearance on Fox News, and he ended up embarrassing himself. He appeared on Fox News to promote his new book, which is entitled “Exceptionalism.” In the book, he compares Obama’s treatment of Iran to the way that Neville Chamberlain appeased Adolf Hitler in World War II.

However, Chris Wallace stated that Bush-Cheney Administration left President Obama with a big mess. Cheney tried to refute the claim by saying that he did not see it in that way. Chris Wallace reminded Cheney that the centrifuges went from 0 to 5,000. Cheney then stated that it happened under Obama’s watch.

However, Chris Wallace stated that the centrifuges were at 5,000 by 2009. Cheney tries to refute the claims by saying that the Bush-Cheney administration did a lot to control the arms problems in the Middle East. Cheney repeatedly tried to blame Obama for what happened during Bush’s watch.

Cheney tried to dodge the facts, but the nuclear program in Iran increased by 5,000 under Bush’s watch. President Obama was forced to deal with the aftermath of this. He tried to halt this process while Cheney and Bush did not do anything to solve the problem.

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